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Creating glass in Unreal Engine 4

As I waned to learn more about the materiel editor in unreal engine 4 I started off by watching a tutorial about creating glass, it was really interesting to see how the nodes were put together. It also made it easier that I found the tutorial quite easy to work with.

The Material editor


The Results of both Glass



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Creating my texture

Here i have a texture that I believed would be good for a castle floor, here is the images in different stages of its work

link to facebook https://www.facebook.com/CraftyTextures-840971382580112/timeline/

link to twitter https://twitter.com/CraftyTextures

link to linkedin https://uk.linkedin.com/in/craftytextures

p  p1 p2 p3brick

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Creating my own wesbite

Before I had created websites for my portfolio but i have always had the same problem which was the domain name as it would appear with their website in it aswell, I then come across a website which allowed me to purchase to create my own website, business email and domain for only £12 a year. SO i have used this as my portfolio instead as I belive it will make myself look more professional.

link to website – http://www.craftytextures.co.uk/

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Personal Branding

As I wanted to create my own business cards I decided to research into business cards that have stood out and why they have stood out. I found a link to a site which is called the 45 top examples of a business cards, while looking through these I have noticed not alot of them have much text on the front of there card. Each different design has a neat design about them this is why I have chosen to create a simple design for my business cards.

Here is the front and back design of my business cards

lp (1) lp

using vistaprint I was able to upload my own designs and it gives you an example image of how the cards will look, I believe my cards look professional, sleek and they express what I create.

Link to website http://www.creativebloq.com/design/top-letterpress-business-cards-912651


creativebloq. (May 1, 2014). 45 top examples of letterpress business cards. Available: http://www.creativebloq.com/design/top-letterpress-business-cards-912651. Last accessed 20/04/2015.

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Personal Branding

So recently I have been working on some logos that I will use for personal use, I believe after lots of attempts I have came up with a name that I am happy with here are some more designs I have came up with.

Untitled Untitled1

In the end this was the final logo that I decided looks the best


I liked the idea of this logo as I believe it looks simple with nice stylish design, I used the crafty word when i was thinking of the old art and crafts lessons, so i put crafty next to textures and I believe its worked quite well

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Today we had a lecture about creating a Swot, As I have never completed one before I was very interested in what Swot is. I found out that Swot is short for Strength Weaknesses Opportunity Threats. Each section must be filled in.

I have also found out that Swots are also used alot within the business industry, and that it is also best to update my personal one each year to keep on track,

Strengths and weakness are internal

Opportunities and threats are external

Later today  I will be updating the blog by adding in my own Personal Swot.


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Photograph and textures

So today I walked around town taking photographs of parts of the environment which I believe which would make great textures. Now i will be going thorough the process of editing them to make them seamless. Here are a few of the photographs i have taken


These are just a few of the many images i have taken, i have also attempted to make a texture seamless here is a before and after result



After putting my texture on a Facebook group called Level up i was able to gain feedback for my work, one person suggested that I fix the horizontal line which appears in the middle, the feedback was a very great help to me, I have now manage to fix the issue with the texture.