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Ron Gilbert… A brief biography

Ron Gilbert is a current game designer who was born January 1st 1964. Over the years he has worked on numerous games such as Deathspank, Tales of Monkey Island, Penny Arcade Adventures. Ron Gilbet has many skills that he has been devolping over the years, he is also a programmer, producer and director. From the young age of 13 Ron became very intrested in media when he first saw the film Star Wars, he explained that the film was nothing like he had ever seen before and made his head explode. It was at the age 15 when he began concentrating on games and how they worked, he would stay in at home and develop ideas and create concept art on how he would change a game idea from the original development. In 1982 he graduated from the La Grande High School and studied at Eastern Oregon State College where he had learned the basics of commodore 64. He began focusing on the main elements which he belived were the most important tasks for a game which was, story, sound and graphics. Ron’s biggest and first achievement occured  in 1985 where he had a phone call from Lucasfilm Games Division where he was offererd a job as a commodore 64. Ron took the job which meant he had to drop out on the 2nd year of college and move to California. After 8 years of hard work at Lucasfilm he decided it was best for him to leave the company and start up his own company where his fame as a game designer shot up very quickly. He began designing and producing games with other companys and close friends and is still creating the games today.


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