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Ron Gilbert – DeathSpank

Death Spank is a game designed by Ron gilbert. Deathspank was released in 2010 on ps3, xbox 360, windows and mac. Ron wanted a character design for his website as a flash cartoon so he designed some concept art and later created a 3D character, Ron and his friends waned to think off one of the most ridicules names for a character, after being inspired by a pair of pink pants he came up with the name DeathSpank, he liked the character that much he decided to make it into a game. He started the game idea by looking at other RPG’s for influence such as diablo and his own game creation monkey island. The main features that Ron wanted the game to have was a sense of humor, wild items and ability. Ron was the designer and director of DeathSpank.

My Opinion

Having got in contact with a friend who had already brought the game i was able to play it to get the full experience rather then just watch videos of gameplay. To me when I played this game it appeared very silly, fun and humorous. The controls were very easy to get use to. I really like how you can move the character anywhere and just hack and slash the enemies, one off my favourite parts of the whole game is where you have the power to summon chickens on to your enemies. I like how you can see a resemblance between the character name and the characters personality. A few things which i did not like about the game was how sometimes it began to feel repetitive and the story did not make much sense to me. But overall for me this was a really fun game for me to play and has changed my opinion on games similar to this.


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