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Ron Gilbert, how he made it in the gaming industry

At the age of 15 Ron Gilbert started his interest for game design, he began to study and analyse other video games for hours. He used his vivid imagination to create his own games and ask his friends to come round and play them to see how they could be improved. In the 1980’s Rob understood that video games were becoming more complex with story plots and characters emotions, this made him want to have a more understanding of the knowledge that goes into computer games. In 1982 Ron went on to study computer science at Eastern Oregon State College. In the years Ron was on this course he had learned the basics of the software and hardware for the Commodore 64 and the Atari 8-bit. On October 1985 Ron had the most important phone call of his life so far. It was a phone call from Lucasfilm Games Division which was the company he had idolised as a young man. He was offerd a job as a Commodore 64 programmer. The day after the phone call Ron moved to California and started his gaming carrer.


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