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Ron Gilbert – Manic Mansion

Maniac Mansion is the first game which Ron Gilbert worked on as a designer. The game was released by LucasFilm Games in 1987. It was released for the apple 2 and commodore 64 which was Ron’s favorite gaming system. The games story was based on a variety of different horror b movies. With the character development they was influenced by people they had seen in films, comics, TV shows and friends they knew. when they began creating he environment they began to look at buildings and landscapes around there area of work.

The story is about a teenaged boy named Dave Miller who tries to rescue his girlfriend Sandy from a crazy mad scientist called Dr. Fred and his accomplice The purple Tentacle. Dave has to explore the mansion looking out traps and tricks. Dr Fred and his evil family of brainiacs crashed to earth 20 years ago and set up labs around the mansion.

By looking at gameplay videos on YouTube i was able to have a look at how the game was being played. The game control’s was a simple click and point to maneuver your character around the diffrent locations that you will be exploring. I did like how you have a option to choose what certain choices you have when clicking on simple objects like a door or window it brings up a choice of options. What impressed me aswell was how you could suddenly switch to another character and explore different parts of the mansion. You have a choice of taking  2 out of 6 character which gives you a good variety of choice. I did like how you could not attack the enemy and instead you had to use your other character to distract them or find another route around. I was disappointed with how on some levels it began to see repetitive.

The image below is the building where Ron got his inspiration from designing the mansion.



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