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Silent Hill

I was really eager to play some horror games after the 2 week task, so I decided to play some of the games I used to play when I was young. Today I started playing silent hill 1 on the PlayStation 1 and I found it very unusual to play even though the graphics of the monsters was terrible when you compare them to other games it still made me sit on the edge of my seat and still gave me the fright and panic that I used to have playing this game when I was young. What made this game even creepier was as soon as the game loads you get this creepy music which has always gave me shivers. Even to this day a game music has never made me feel scared and worried to even start up the game the music is iconic and very recognisable to me. The Audio in the game was great aswell it matched with the game title I believe the music was effecting me because of its intensity and the build-up of sound. The soundtrack consists off footsteps and slight whisper of the wind. One of the things i loved about this game was how you had a walkie talkie on you and whenever that made a noise it was a sign for the monsters are coming, even though you know they are near you it makes you panic even more because where are they trying to attack you from, The fog and darkness off the game made this harder to see a monster. I believe i became immersed by this game mainly because of its great story its gameplay, there weird and unusual monsters and its brilliant audio everything blended well on the game together To be honest I found it more enjoyable to play now then I have before. Today I recently found out they have made a silent hill HD collection for Xbox 360 which contains silent hill 1 – 3, I was a bit sceptical in thinking have they changed the gameplay, or the creepy camera angles that you always had seen and would better graphics make the monsters not as scary as they use to be. I will be looking forward to comparing silent hill games to the HD collection.

I would like to challenge a person to listen to just 25 seconds off the audio in the dark to see if they get shivers I would like to find out if its people who have played that game that get that same effect I did, please try it out and leave your comments.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImfFAkV16Qc <– The Creepy Music


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  1. You mentioned a really good point there, when it comes to creating an atmosphere and environment, people underestimate the importance of audio, the sounds, tempo and music inform the player how to react and what to expect and have a massive influence on the way we play the game, for example high upbeat music usually results in speed or a rampage, whereas almost silence or the creepy music you mentioned earlier in your Silent Hill post might have the player respond by playing cautiously, waiting for something to happen…or actively avoiding a fright, really nice point you’ve picked up on there Paul, good job.

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