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Patrice Desilets – Assassins Creed

Assassins creed was released in 2007 and was created both by Patrice Desilets and Jade Raymond I have chosen to only research Patrice because he naturally came up with the idea by himself.

Patrice Desilets first had the idea For Assassins Creed when he began reading a book as a child which was based on secret societies. He was reading a chapter about “Hashasin” which in English is Assassins. Patrice began to think that it would make a great idea for an open world universe. Then it all started to develop with design ideas. Patrice is a big fan of mind facts and had read an article on how hot water can stimulate the neurons this is where he had come up with the idea for re living the past through your ancestors.

Desmond Miles is a Raised Assassin who prefers to live more of the common life. In the Story Desmond gets captured by the new age Templers called Abstergo who are looking for the missing pieces of the apple of Eden. You are being forced to enter the Amimus to relive your ancestor’s memory to find out the pieces of Eden. When entered in the Amimus you are playing as Altair the master Assassin. After being too foolish and not following the creed he is demoted by the leader Al Mualim and stripped of rank, weapons and equipment. You are then assigned tasks to kill Templar leaders across the land of Jerusalem, Acre and Damascus by following the creed and removing the targets Altair gets a better understand of the right and wrong. After Assassinating all of the nine Targets Altair finds out that there is one more target to kill who was his master assassin Al Mualim.  Al Mualim used the Apple of Eden to take over peoples mind to turn against Altair. Altair faces Al Mualim in a duel and defeats him leaving Altair as the Master Assassin. Desmond then wakes up from the Animus finding out there are more pieces to be found and inheriting his ancestor’s ability of eagle vision.

My view on Assassins Creed was that it was a very enjoyable game to play and was different from other open world games I have played before. But after a while it all become reparative by doing very similar missions until a lead Templar was killed. The gameplay was very unique where the simple use of buttons made the character free run and climb buildings in a stylish way. Sometimes I found it quite hard to assassinate targets from roofs as Altair would not fall from such a height. After a while the cut scenes became very annoying, because you was not able to skip through them which makes the game a bit less interesting if you were going to reply it. Overall Assassins Creed is a favourite game of mine because of its interesting storyline and gameplay. Here is the trailer that was relased if anyone is intrested https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5UM_fufj8f0&feature=fvwrel.


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