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Indie Game – The Movie

After watching indie game the movie I was mostly inspired by the way Edmund Mcmillen grew up with his artistic ability and how he put his feelings into games. How Edmund explained details such as he felt lonely, and scared of his own imagination really made me think wow I had a similar growing up experience such as drawing the monsters and being scared of them, I also felt the loneliness as Edmund felt, it was like no one was interesting in the drawings I created I was just recognised as a kid that was drawing weird stuff. I never realised how hard, stressful and time consuming an indie game would be to create. It has opened my eyes to not take indie games as failed games, but to see them as successful individual games that the creators really believed in. After playing the game Super Meat boy I never had so much fun by playing an indie game before. The thing that I like about this game the most is the way it makes you think of different strategy of completing each level.

A thing that did concern me was what the creator of fez (Phil Fish) said that if his game was not released he would commit suicide. This genially did worry me, and make me think about how hard the industry can be. The film I have seen has gave me doubts on being a designer and also influences.



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