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Assassins Creed 3 Gameplay

The gameplay of Assassins Creed 3 has changed dramatically, moving through the city has never has never been better. The flow and movement of Conner (The Assassin) has a more realistic feel especially when you do sharp turns and bump into members of the public. Ubisoft have done a great job off moving Conner around different environments such as the forests and cities, a great thing that they have also added is the weather system which Conner will react to for example the thicker the snow is the slower he will move, This gives me as a player a realistic effect.

The new combat system I found to be a lot easier by on using 3 buttons which are, counter, attack and break defence, because there are different types of enemies in the game you have to find the right moves to take down that enemy which I found very impressive compared to their other games. All of the moves are all brand new which makes a difference from the reparative moves that was in Assassins creed 2, brotherhood and revelations.

2 things which I found impressive was how you could press a button and it would switch the camera to a action view which gives the feeling of a better experience when chasing your enemy, The other was Conner face while he was in combat his facial features would move like in a real battle when shouting out a war cry, this shows that Conner has emotional.

My overall opinion on the game is that it has been greatly improved in every way possible from the prequels that was released, despite the game can be quite glichy sometimes, I found this game to be very enjoyable to play.


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