Assassins Creed 3 Bugs and Glitches

While I was researching some of the assassins creed 3 gameplay and environments I came across this page which shows all of the trouble that fans have experienced with the game I have put the link below if anyone is interested to see this. Even though most of the bugs and glithces have now been patched up it is surprising to see this many faults in a brand new game.




2 comments on “Assassins Creed 3 Bugs and Glitches

  1. I have came cross a glitch while I was playing the game, when I jumped to a small rock, I landed on the end of it and fell through the map & died after about 15 seconds of falling

  2. Same here Chris the amount of bugs and glitches in this game are unreal stuff like, bodies start the stretch and float, loosing arrows when traveling cities and losing the secondary gun. I’ve seen rumours online that the production team are removing them using an update.

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