Payday The Heist

Payday The Heist


Release Date 20th October 2011

Payday the heist is a game where you have to rob banks, drug warehouses, and gold. The main aim of the game is to collect as much money as possible while making it out alive facing swat teams, police officer and gangs. There are 4 main characters in the game who are Wolf, Hoxton, Dallas and chains. Another important character is the guy who is explaining the mission in your ear piece who is named Bain, although he is never seen in the game he is very important to each task you must face. There are also Special Forces that can be called in at random these are the, Shield, Clocker, Taser and Bulldozer. Each of them have special ability’s and tactics to work around our team to defeat your team members. Personally I found the masks that the criminals wear to be really impressive while playing the game the reasons for this are, it’s easier to recognise your team mates and for me I found that it adds a sort of coolness feel to the game. The gameplay stood out to me I found certain things that you could do in the game to be quite impressive such as shooting the security cameras to erase the footage, calling your team mates for help, or even telling them to get to a location, communication is key to surviving in this game.. I am not a PC gamer but even I found the controls to be quite easy to understand.The only fault that I have with this game is that I when playing it in single player mode the AI can be quite frustrating because they are always following you all of the time, it can get annoying. I would recommend people to play this game but make sure you play it online.

I have put a link below if anyone would like to check out the gameplay.



6 comments on “Payday The Heist

  1. My friends and I love playing this together online, purely because of the team work! We always give each other a position in the game and a priority too. A good feature you forgot to mention is the crew bonus you can apply, things like better accuracy, more bleed out time and such, but at a cost, that these will only help your team mates and not yourself.
    I’m like a level 110 haha, we had a phase of playing it over and over, even though there are only 5 levels, but events happen randomly, so when you need to look for someone, they wont be in the same place as last time you played 🙂 And there are big changes in difficulty as well.
    Also my favorite character to play as is Wolf 😀 Love his mask!

  2. Thanks for the comment Jawairiya, I completely forgot about the crew bonus and how much of an effect it has on your team mates, personally i prefer Hoxton just because of how cool his voice sounds when you shout at people to get on the floor, But by far the best mask in the game is the one Dallas wears.

  3. Come on! Have you not seen the huuuuge grin on Wolfs face?!!
    Hoxtons voice is gold though, I agree. 🙂 Did you know he used to do voice overs for adverts?

  4. Really I didn’t know that, do you have a link I could look at, maybe some of the adverts he does, if you like people with amazing voices listen to this man’s voice. Personally for me he has one of the world’s greatest voice. Best thing is that its his natural voice.

    • Also apparently the faces are designed after the designers real faces too!
      I don’t know about links but i know the voice actors name is Pete Gold, search it up, I’m sure you’ll find something 😀

      And omg I love this guy!! I’m in tears when hes first introduced into the series and he barges into the church and cries “FATHER!!!” and then runs down and starts slapping the pastor (or whatever they’re called)

      • I didn’t know they was based on the designers faces I’ll have to have a look at that thanks for letting me know, and that is the best part where he shouts father !!

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