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Payday The heist & The Dark Knight

I have chosen to compare the video game “Payday The Heist” to the bank robbery scene from the film “The Dark Knight” I chose these because of how similar they are to each other.

  • Both are bank robbers
  • Both are dressed in clown masks
  • 2/5 robbers in the Dark Knight are dressed Smart just like in Payday
  • Both use similar guns
  • Style of masks

A thing which stood out for me in Payday which related to Batman was if you are playing on the hardest difficulty if your team mates go down you can leave them to die which will grant you more money. This is very similar to the Bank scene. I believe that Payday could have been inspired by the movie even some of the masks are very similar. Here are some of the screen shots I have taken.

The Dark Knight Clowns

Payday The Heist clown masks



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