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The Dark Knight

Release Date 16th July 2008

The Dark Knight is about the joker attempting to destroy Gotham City and so Batman has to rescue the people of Gotham City. The main characters in the film are Batman who plays as the hero and the Joker who is the arch enemy of Batman.

The film starts off with the joker and his gang dressed up in clown masks attempting to rob a bank, but this was no ordinary bank robbery, being the Joker he had a twisted plan which was told to each individual person which was to kill the person after their certain roll of the job was complete. For example one of the clowns was in charge in picking the lock for the safe after that he is useless and no longer needed so he is then killed making the profits a larger sum between each other. The joker keeps this going until he is the only one left alive with all of the money, a personal thing which I liked which was even though the joker had millions in cash from the robbery he set it on fire which shows he only done the task for the chaos rather than a profitable gain.

Even for the people who am not a big fan of Batman i would recommend watching the bank scene I found it the be one of the best parts of the film just because of how well it was though out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3-ClsRE9Yk


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