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Character influence on the public

I started my research by visiting the university library, in there I found books that were helpful for the banned media which would help me but not in this blog. I decided to look at books online for a while until I found this book “Stop teaching our kids to kill” written by Gloria Degaetano and LT Col Grossman. For me I was lucky that I had found this in my local library. After reading through some of these story’s I was shocked of how people have been influenced by games, here I will be sharing a few stories that interested me.

Story 1

 “A seven year old boy described a deliberate attempt to reduce his own fear by identifying with a character in “A Nightmare on Elm Street” by saying, “it was easy. I pretended that I was Freddy Krueger, and then I wasn’t scared. Now, that’s what I always do, and I’m never scared.” Source from Stop teaching our kids to kill book.

I found this story very interesting to me because it fascinates me that a boy can be influenced by such a gruesome film at the age of seven years old. I think that because he strongly believed he was Freddy Krueger he turned emotionally like his character from the film, living his life with no fear, having a bad temper and always feeling angry. This young boy has been so influenced by this film he mentally became Freddy krueger.


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