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Banksy – The unknown artist

  After watching a film documentary (Exit through the gift shop) on a street artist called Banksy I could not stop thinking about his work and his meaning towards it. Banksy is a unknown artist who creates wild and unusual images using his spray paint and hand created stencils. The film is about how Banksy […]

Racial stereotypes in video games

I found out this stereotype when I went back to play Red Dead Redemption where you meet a character call Irish, he is always drunk, stupid and rude in the game and speaks with an Irish tone. I found this character to be a racial stereotype here are my reasons why. Stereotype people and the […]

My personal opinion on banning video games

I believe that video games should have a limit on some off the explicit content that showed is showed. For example, in video games a child cannot be violently harmed or killed because of their age and the effect it might have on gamers, unstable people and under age gamers. In the game Metal gear […]