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Racial stereotypes in video games

Irish (Red Dead Redemption)

I found out this stereotype when I went back to play Red Dead Redemption where you meet a character call Irish, he is always drunk, stupid and rude in the game and speaks with an Irish tone. I found this character to be a racial stereotype here are my reasons why.

Stereotype people and the media find an Irish man to be a heavy drinker, always drunk, very rude and will act idiotic most of the time. I believe that this stereotype started in 1959 when Ireland began to make there famous alcohol drink Guinness. Ireland was also well known for the creation of their Irish whiskey. The media have portrayed that the Irish are these rude people because of their accent which sort of confuses me. If the media think someone is stupid because of an accent doesn’t it make them stupid for thinking it?

Even though I believe that the creators of the game have used some stereotyping in the game I found the character to be very funny and good to work with in the game, but I do wonder if the character has offended any Irish people, even though in the game he is good guy.


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