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Banksy – The unknown artist


After watching a film documentary (Exit through the gift shop) on a street artist called Banksy I could not stop thinking about his work and his meaning towards it. Banksy is a unknown artist who creates wild and unusual images using his spray paint and hand created stencils. The film is about how Banksy and a man who loved to film called Terry. Within the film I felt emotional, right and wrong and excited, It’s a very strange film to watch but I would recommend this film to everyone I know. In the past have looked at other artists such as Picasso, van Gough and Da Vinci. I found there work to be great and creative but I was not inspired by it, but with Banksy I feel inspired by his work to create some off my own stencils. I am inspired by his work, but more inspired by the artist himself.

The link to the film



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