The idea of environment

The idea for my rough town/environment come to me one day while I was on the way home back from university and I had got to the corner of my street, that certain location always makes me think of an incident that happened to me, I then started thinking if I had the chance id go back and change what happened there. That’s when I thought I could create a rough area where the player could get to make important decisions that would change the avatar life and the people around him. I wanted the location of my game to be a rough street but not like grand theft auto where there is always shooting, prostitutes and guns. I want mine to have hoodies, tracksuit bottoms, vandalism thefts and attacks. I focused looking at the area around me where I have seen all sorts of different kinds of trouble. This is the type of area where there is broken pavements, smashed cars, broken windows and cheap council houses. I decided to research the environment around me e.g the history, the people and how it used to be and how it has changed.

The time I wanted it to be set in is the present so I decided to take local photographs of the area I live in. This would give me a better idea of the environment I would like to create.


2 comments on “The idea of environment

  1. I’ve seen more welcoming locations in Silent Hill 😛

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