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Player Created Avatars


Name: Aurelien Capdecomme

Born: 1983 France

Occupation: IT for national education

Game Played: City of heroes

I visited the library at my university where I found a useful book that would help me with the avatars questions. The book is called “Alter Ego avatars and their creators” written by Robbie Cooper so far I’ve found the book very good to read considering I don’t really read many books, the only downside I’ve had with it so far is that for some odd reason it contains no page numbers. I’m on page 11 at the moment and it shows the people who play there created avatars. A guy called Aurelien Capdecomme plays a game called City of Heroes where he and his girlfriend play together they spend an average time of 15 hours per week on their game. On one sentence he saysOur characters are a couple, as are we. We sometimes play separately but it’s very rare” I found that sentence to be quite interesting because this may show that they are very dependent on each other, but in another sense their relationship could be viewed as unhealthy because even though they are together in the game they still feel the need to have escapism and to feel superior to other people that play the same game because they say “We have been guild leaders since the opening of the European city of heroesPersonally I think that Aurelien is more attached to his avatar because he gets mocked by other gamers on his avatars appearance. Aurelien avatar is interestingly visibly different from himself in the real world for example his avatar has the physical appearance of a more attracted character.  On the other hand his girlfriend (no name given) has a similar appearance to her avatar maybe this is because she feels more comfortable with herself.


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