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Player Created Avatars


After looking at the book much more carefully I have chosen certain people and their avatars to write about because personally I find them more interesting.

Name: Lucas Shaw

Born: 1985, Texas

Occupation: Student

Game Played: EverQuest

Average hours spent per week in-game: 55

Lucas Shaw is a gamer who is having trouble in his life due to playing the game EverQuest for a high amount of hours with no breaks. One of the sentences he said that made me interested in him was “I just wanted respect from the people in the game, to be someone in the EverQuest world. But it would cost me” To me this shows that he has either had negative social experiences or finds it hard to socialise with others. I think the word respect is a key word it seems obvious that in the real world he doesn’t feel he gets the respect he should be having, but playing as his created avatar at the high level of 55 it gives him a purpose which he quotes “my job is to protect the weaker class” even this quote of his seems to me that maybe he has had bulling issues with people with a bigger reputation but in the world of EverQuest he has a well-known good reputation. “everything else in my life started to suffer- my social life, my school work, even my health”  In a way there are both good and bad issues to this, the good part is that he has realised that he has a problem, the bad part was that he found this out by suffering. “You can actually order pizza from within the game” this is a big problem with the game company, this could have been one of the issues that made Lucas ignore the outside world and also it may have encouraged him to eat unhealthy food because it is the easy option. I think Lucas has bonded with his avatar because it does not resemble who he is in the real world.


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