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Player Created Avatars


Name: Cassien Guier

Born: 1985, France

Occupation: Student

Game Played: City of heroes

Average hours spent per week in-game: 8


Cassien Guider is a player that has more of an interest in his avatar rather than the game itself. A quote from Cassien is “I spend more time and money making my character look good and changing her hairstyle” To me this shows that he doesn’t play city of heroes for the gameplay, he plays it so he can create his perfect idea of a lady. “Just like a real blonde, her wardrobe changes every week” and “as if a blonde could be dangerous” This reflects back to his avatar because the stereotypical blonde doesn’t work, is dumb and concentrates on appearances, it shows that he is also a person who stereotypes everybody. But the most interesting quote to me is “I decided to make a superhero reflecting my inner self” to me it feels like he believes that he is confident, sexy, good looking and he may think he is perfection. He uses an avatar because he thinks that he is amazing as a person and he wants this acceptance from the online world.


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