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Player Created Avatars


Name: Jason Rowe

Born: 1975, Texas

Occupation: none

Game Played: Star Wars Galaxies

Average hours spent per week in-game: 80


Jason Rowe has a lot of physically disabilities in his life which stops him from doing other tasks we may take for granted. A quote of his is “I have a lot of physical disabilities in real life, but in star wars galaxies I can ride an imperial speeder bike, fight monsters, or just hang out with friends at the bar” to me this shows that he relies on his avatar and the game to speak to his friends, and feels happier when he plays games because of the amount of movement he can use. “I play online games because I get to interact with people. The computer screen is my window to the world” Jason is very dependent on his online gaming and the people that he plays with because even he has admitted that he finds it hard to socialise with people outside the gaming world maybe this could be down to confidence aspect or psychically difficult. “They treated me as an equal” The interesting part is they know about the disability so that shows even though his avatar is different to him he is not ashamed of his disability.


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