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Player Created Avatars


Name: John Palmer

Born: 1962, Dorset, UK

Occupation: IT consultant

Game Played: Second Life

Average hours spent per week in-game: 20


John is an outsider and throughout his life he has always had anxiety disorder and social phobia and after he had an episode of depression. After he found this out he quotes “I vowed to help others who were in the same situation”.  This shows That he felt the need to help people who have been in the same situation who maybe have not received the same help. John played second life where he brought an island and made it into a place for spiritual meetings. He became interested in Buddhism and that is how he chose the name for his avatar called “zafu”. So the relationship batten john and his avatar is interesting that he wants to help people online instead of meeting them in person, this reflects that he is still suffering from social phobia but helping people makes it better, also his avatar is a symbol of spirituality that means a lot to him and is there to help.


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