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R – Type

space pic

While looking at space games I came across the video game R-type it had got my attention because of its appearance the first thing I noticed about It was the front of the ship was glowing light blue, it stood out from the rest of the game which has made me think that the tiny details in the classic games made them better to play. I also like the way the ship will slightly lean left or right depending which way the player moves it. I’ve noticed that the ship does not change shape while it’s shooting the enemy ships. The bullets on the hero seem to be just ordinary circles getting smaller and smaller with a slight tint of colour, the effect is quite good because of how fast they are being shot. In the video the player comes across a power up which again stands out to the rest of the game. Once the player collect this a weapon scrolled onto the screen and shooting the enemy, but to get the weapon for the ship the player actually had to connect with the weapon which then would  get attached to the front of the ship. You can then shoot the power up of in front of you which I thought was a great feature. A great thing about the spaceships is that both player ship and enemy ship have moving designs on them, it just makes them look better. The background of the game has a nice effect by the way it will change in multiply ways.

link to video  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TraPsXopiig


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