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Chapter 1.2.2 Attractiveness

Chapter 1.2.2 Attractiveness

An important aspect as to why avatars are attractive is because of the halo effect, which means that no matter how gritty a plot is the character will always be attractive. The attribution can be warmer, kinder, stronger, sensitive, more outgoing and more intellectual. Another perspective is biological, cognitive and environmental. The biological aspect would say that my reason for making an attractive avatar is because of their DNA. The most important aspect is the environmental aspect which would state that the reason for attractive avatars is because of the environment.

This is possibly for strongest reason as to why avatars are attractive. If we look at all aspects of media (film, TV, magazines games etc.) actors are handsome and actress are beautiful and because we have been told that this is “beauty” we all want this image.

If we take the game second life most of the male avatars are tall, brave and handsome and female avatars are wearing very little clothing and have a large breast size, this could be down to self-confidence or escapism.

We all want to be seen as attractive.

katherine Isbister. (2006). attractiveness. In: katherine Isbister better game characters by design a psychological approach. United states of America: elsevier inc. p7-10.


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