While looking at classic 2D space games I came across a website that will let you play the old arcade classics at www.classicgamesarcade.com. I found the space shooter Asteroids, this is a classic game with no detail but still contains a lot of fun. The gameplay is very simple and easy to understand which makes it fun and understandable to all ages. I like how that your spaceship is basically a triangle that shoots dots, when they hit the asteroids they will get smaller and fly randomly across the screen, then when you get so far with the level a spaceship will come along and will try to shoot you. Even though this game doesn’t look the best I would suggest this t anyone I personally found this game to be a lot of fun to play. The link is below.



4 comments on “Asteroids

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    In my opinion, I can’t help but feel that the absence of snazzy graphics and sound meant that the designers had to concentrate on good game play. This led to games that were fun over beautiful with better balance and original game mechanics. Therefore I believe that in order to be an excellent game designer today we must look at these elegant games and learn from them before turning our hands to building the games of the 21st century.

  2. A great find and I would love to know how this influences your game design in the future. I can’t help but feel that the absence of snazzy graphics and sound meant that the designers had to concentrate on getting the best out of the game play. In older games you tend to find simpler mechanics which are more fun but have a better challenge curve: they begin rather easy and get harder at a better rate.

    For me it is important that we learn from the games of the past so that we can build better balanced and more fun games for the future. When you look at the progression of games on tablets and smartphones there is a clear similarity to the engagement and playability that enshrined the early era of computer games. That’s why I would rather build games for the mobile market than a AAA title, that said there is no reason why such elegance cannot be realised in a blockbuster game.

  3. Thanks for the comment Jon, I find it influencing to my game because I believe that a person can get more enjoyment from playing a classic 2d space games, to one of these that are trying to make these games that are all about great graphics, I personally think that an arcade game should have this sort of classic feeling, where I want people to think there putting in 10 and 20p to play there old classic game again, I want to give my audience that arcade feel when they had growing up, So this is why I have looked at asteroids because of how retro it is. It has just influenced me to create my own unique classic and plus I have always loved this game.

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