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My emotional attachment to video game characters



The walking dead is a game series where you play as a character called Lee Everett, the main story is about Lee and a little girl called Clementine, where you basically have to protect her until you find her parents. I don’t think ever in my life I have played a game where there has been some much emotional feelings other than this one. I have never bonded this much before with any other game. It’s a very different game from other zombie apocalypse games this one has a lot of feeling especially with the characters in the game it felt like I bonded with each individual character, but that’s what makes this game special each character is so important to this group of survivors. The main characters I did bond with was lee and Clementine you could see this love between these two characters get stronger and stronger as the game goes along. When I was playing the game it felt like it was my job to protect clementine nothing else matted as long as she was safe. As the chapters go along you can see changes in the characters they become angrier, smarter etc. I thing I really loved about playing this game was you had this option of choosing what you want to say to each character and they will act upon that reply or even remember it, so it’s like each character has their own opinion on the way you act towards them. There is so many scenes in this game which actually give you feeling as a player, when was playing it there was one scene where I cried because of how beautifully sad this certain scene was. This game was designed brilliantly by TellTale and Robert Kirkman, it is very different from other zombie games that are realised, I love the fact that many people think a zombie apocalypse would be cool but what Telltale and Robert showed was how it would really effect each person individually.


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