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My emotional attachment to video game characters

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After researching on the internet at people who are attached to video game characters I thought it would be interesting to write about some of the characters iv had an attachment with, the games I will be talking about is red dead redemption, gears of war 3 and the walking dead, I will not be writing about any endings because I don’t want to ruin the game for anyone else.

Red dead redemption is an open world cowboy game where you play as a character called John Marston, the basic story is you want your family back so you have to fight for them killing or capturing your old gang members for the government. I have always loved western films, games comics just everything about the environment so I’m unsure if the bond I had with this avatar was because of my love for western or the avatar itself. Through hours of played gameplay and meeting new characters you get to know john Marston and his back story and you could see all of these emotions in his face, Anger, sadness, laughter etc. I loved playing certain missions in the game, to me the best ones when you saw this character come alive and showing emotion.  To me it was like looking at a real person but instead of watching him it feels like your there with john on his journey to get his family back, it felt like you are with him through the whole adventure. A thing I really loved was the personality of john Marston is what I really loved about him he has this threating cool way of talking to people he needed information from. What I thought was also really good was you could change personality to a person that would help strangers or you could go back to your old ways of being a bandit whichever and people would react to how your reputation is. I basically loved everything about this character the way he stands, walks, talks, and his outfit, Rock star have done a brilliant job with creating this character because now he is a very memorable character in video games.


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