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Better game characters by design a psychological approach


1.2.3 Baby faces

In this chapter Katherine talks about how the faces of an avatar can make us judge them just based on their facial image. She talks about baby faces in this chapter and how the public find people with baby faces are more trustworthy and dependent. To me this shows that we all do judge people on impressions based on face, body and even clothing, this is usually called first impressions, but the way I see it is you should try not to judge people based on appearance, you never know you might be surprised what a person will find out once they are known. Back to the book, Katherine mentions that even with animals that are seen as cute often have the baby face and we give the same reactions as it to a new born baby. Avatars such as “Daxter” from the game “Jak and Daxter” have the same features as a baby face the round cheeks, large eyes, small chin, high eyebrows and a larger head. Creating this avatar will give the audience that like baby faces to bond with the character because of how Daxter looks, which has also made me think that creating an avatar appearance is very key to a game.
katherine Isbister. (2006). babyfaces. In: katherine Isbister better game characters by design a psychological approach. United states of America: elsevier inc. p11-12


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