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Player created Avatars


Name: Lucy Winkett

Born: 1968

Occupation: Precentor of St Paul’s Cathedral

Game Played: Church of fools

Average hours spent per week in-game: N/A

Lucy uses her avatar to give out reading from the bible to other players, she does this because she believes that her ways reach out to more people. The bond between Lucy and her avatar is a very strait forward relationship between them, I believe she uses the avatar because digital things such as games, movies etc, will reach out to more people of the religious type rather than if she was to talk to people in the street about it. As far as I can tell she has this connection for her avatar, she finds it to be relatable. One particular thing I find interesting is the outfit that she has chosen for her avatar, the avatar appears to be skin tight and showing off her body shape, this could be due to escapism because in the real world she is not allowed to wear outfits that are seen as revealing even if that is showing of her body shape.


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