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I found this interesting space arcade game called Trid3nt, I gave it a quick play but personally I found the gameplay not enjoyable, in fact I found it quite boring, But what I did find interesting was its visuals. I like how the symbols are created there is a simple outline showing what that symbol does, with different outer glow colours, in my opinion they stand out more than the spaceship, it was one of the first thing I noticed about the game. Designs like that give me inspiration to use simple techniques and processes to make my game stand out the others. Another thing I really liked was the way the icons change every time the spaceship is on that symbol, it gives out some brilliant animation effect. A really cool effect that I loved was when the enemy fired these balls when they move they have this bright electricity moving through them as they get dimmer, it was like a pulse effect. This is one off my favourite appearance for a 2D game, the colours, shading, effect and animation are brilliant but like I said I got bored easily purely because of the gameplay.

Link to game http://www.java-gaming.com/game/13542/Trid3nt/

Archbob. (11th April 2012). Shooting games / Scrolling shooters / Trid3nt. Available: http://www.java-gaming.com/game/13542/Trid3nt/. Last accessed 06/03/2013.


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