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Avatars can change us ?

While having a good search on the internet I came across an article on edge magazine, the article provides research by Nick Yee and Seung-A Jin. An interesting part of the article for me was how they interacted with the gamers and created tests for them to gain more accurate results. Seung-A Jin created an experiment using the Nintendo WII to create avatars that looked like the players that were in control by also using the WII Fit. With her results she found out that people whose avatar looked and weighed the same as them in realty got a connection with their avatar and felt capable of changing. To me this proves that there must be some connection between the avatar and the player but what I am wondering is can people feel the same connection with an avatar that has a different appearance of the player.


Edge Staff . (June 14 2012). The psychology of… Avatars. Available: http://www.edge-online.com/features/psychology-avatars/.


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