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Gaming changes you ?


While looking for information that suggests to me that avatars can change the way we act I came across an article which is called Top 10 Cases of Extreme Game Addiction, while reading through these articles I cam across one that intrested me . The article was about a young man called Zhu Caoyuan who was stabbed to death in his sleep by Qiu Chengwei, the reason for the stabbing was because Zhu Caoyuan had sold a virtual sword to somebody else instead of Qiu Chengwei, he became so annoyed by the actions he decided to take his life. This will be good articles to research because it shows the change in people because of the video game avatars they play as.

Ricky Lam. (November 7, 2010). Top 10 Cases of Extreme Game Addiction. Available: http://listverse.com/2010/11/07/top-10-cases-of-extreme-game-addiction/. Last accessed 11/04/2013.

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