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Living organisms in games

While looking for ethical issues online I came across a page that shows the use of real living organisms being used in classic games such as pong, pacman and football. This shows ethical concerns as these are real living things. Link to video Advertisements

Creating the first puzzle (Platform evaluation)

So today I used UDK kismet and matinee to create a puzzle, the puzzle idea was a combination of 4 wheels with images or text on them and they have to either spell out a word or match a picture together by rotating these wheels. I started of by designing the wheel in 3DS Max […]

Puzzle Idea

Puzzle Idea

first sketch idea for creating the puzzle

Critical and Contextual Issues (5AD008)

so the the title I chose to write about for my essay is “If people learn from games, what ethics, values and morals do they learn” To me this question is interesting and it will allow me to put my own views on to my essay. While browsing the internet i managed to  find this […]

Platform Evaluation

As the group have now finally made our decision about the story and objective of our game we can now move on to having ideas about the puzzles we will be creating, we do this by posting our work on our own private Facebook group, which to be quite honest is good we get to […]

creating a seamless texture using Photoshop

by following a tutorial I found online I was able to edit my created texture to give it a seamless pattern, here is my version of the seamless texture link for video

creating a seamless texture

following this tutorial was able to create seamless texture by watching the video step by step here is  my version of the grass i created using the same method expect for I created this texture using effects of Photoshop instead of a image     link for video