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Creating the first puzzle (Platform evaluation)

So today I used UDK kismet and matinee to create a puzzle, the puzzle idea was a combination of 4 wheels with images or text on them and they have to either spell out a word or match a picture together by rotating these wheels. I started of by designing the wheel in 3DS Max and then importing it into UDk, I then added simple blocks to create a basic level. The next thing for me to do was to watch a video on how to create puzzles this showed me how to rotate objects to gain the right combination to play an event. I created mine a little bit different by adding 4 circles instead of the 3 that was shown in the tutorial. By watching the video I was able to have a better understanding about how kismet works. The only problem I had with this puzzle was the pivot point was not in the correct location so the wheel would move to a different position rather then rotate


link for tutorial



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