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creating sand texture

by following this tutorial I was able to create a sand effect for the beach in our game link for video Advertisements

move and rotate in kismet

while watching this video I attempted to have a piece of puzzle being able to use the same function as this unfortunately this did not work for me

gaming helps children learn ‘ethical decision making’

this explains about how children playing video games can influence them to make correct decision in their life link to website

holding a weapon in UDK

using a tutorial that was found on shared links on wolf I was able to have the player hold a wooden plank as a weapon. I can move around in UDK and the player will still hold the weapon in any direction moved, there is also an effect added where the wood plank will slightly […]

ethical issues in video games

while researching ethics in games I came across this website which shows information about diffrent games and there ethical problems, I have found it very useful while writing my essay link for website

normal maps

as I need to create quite bumpy textures for the level I decided to follow this tutorial which has showed me step by step how to do it. link for video

creating a lift using UDK

by following this tutorial I was able to successfully create a working lift in my level link for video