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controversial video games

while researching ethics in games I came across a website which is called “10 Controversial Video Games That Caused Major Moral Panic” after looking at the list I have chosen to further research the top 3 which are KZ manager a game based on a concentration camp, rapeLay a game where you are encouraged to […]

UDK Radial Texture

I attempted to following this tutorial but I had problems with it as my texture would not rotate within kismet link to video

Bio shock, little sisters and Adam

this website shows information about the harvesting of Adam(power source within the game)and the ethical probelms with the little sisters showing the use of harm to others link to website

bio shock adam and eve ethics

using the bioshock wikipedia I was able to find support that also talks about the use of adam and eve in bioshock game play and how it can be seen as an ethical issue link to website

virtual realities in bioshock

while doing research I have came across a blog with I believe could be a big help within my essay writing. the blog talks about the ethical issues between the choice of the little sisters link for website

bio shock ethical issues within the game

researching bio shock i have found a webpage that discuses ethical dilemmas and issues for bio shock i belive this research will come in handy for my essay writing link for website

FAQ bioshock

while researching the ethics of bio shock I came across this FAQ where people ahve been discuusing ethical points of bioshock such as the harvesting or saving of the little sisters