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creating a blinking light with colour change

as I am texture artist within the group I will be texturing a control panel I had the idea of putting this red blinking light on it so I decided to look into lighting within UDK. by following multiply tutorials I was able to create a blinking light with whatever colour I wanted. Here is […]

Learning pixel art

as I wanted to learning pixel art in Photoshop and apply it to objects in UDK I decided to follow some tutorials and try to learn it by following this video link to video I created this by using the grid and by changing its preferences to 1×1 pixel I then also changed the […]

repeated textures

I found this useful tutorial which shows better techniques on how to make a texture patten repeat by using the same method as the tutorial I will be able to create a far better seamless texture pattern link to website reference Spooner, Chris . (2011). How To Create Repeating Texture & Pattern Images. Available: […]

post process

Using this tutorial I will be able to create a post process effect within the UDK game, I believe this tutriol will help me improve my skills link to website reference micahpharoh. (Mar 8, 2011). UDK Post Process Chain Material Example. Available: Last accessed 16/03/2014.

10 reasons why people get bullied

While looking up the causes of bullying I came across this webpage that explain why people do get bullied, I have found this page very helpful when creating my protagonist and events that could happen within my game link for website reference Gordon, Sherri . (n/a). 10 Reasons Why Kids Are Bullied. Available: […]

glass texture

by following this tutorial I was able to create a glass looking texture in Photoshop here is what I created link for tutorial reference Chris C.. (25th November 2011 ). Create a realistic Glass texture in Photoshop. Available: Last accessed 14/03/2014.

creating and texturing a box with Maya

As I would like to expand my abilities within software I will be now learning maya, using this tutriol i was able to create a basic box that can be imported into my UDK level, i will be designing the texture myself using photoshop.Here is what i have created following the tutorial. link to video […]