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making rain in UDK

using this very helpful and simple tutorial I was able to create a rain looking martial here is what I have created. link to video reference micahpharoh. (Jun 25, 2010). UDK Rain Material. Available: Last accessed 05/05/2014. Advertisements

transparent texture

here I have followed a simple tutorial which shows how to create a transparent texture here is mine link to video reference MetalGameStudios. (Jul 30, 2013). UDK Tutorial: transparent material (english). Available: Last accessed 05/05/2014.

Creating a forcefield Texture

I wanted to learn how to create a hologram texture and by following this tuturiol I was able to create one, here is how my hologram looked, Another good thing is that it will effect whatever object is behind my hologram as it has an opacity effect attached to it link for tutorial references cebycreations. […]