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website Design

so i have been working on the website again, made a few minor changes to each one Advertisements

finishing the 2D scene

so the 2D pixel scene is now tillable, I’ve created 2 version as i’m not sure which type of trees to use, what do you guys think ?  

Update 2D scene

so here is an update on the pixel scene that i have been working on, still not finished but iv added some detail to it, sorry if its blurry i took a screenshot of it

tweeting pixel art magazine

so I tweeted pixel art magazine and, they have very nicely shared the link for my Facebook page  

2D pixel scene

he is a basic pixel scene I am currently working on, still more detail needs to be added, will update another photo when I have finished it  

Pixel man

so this is my attempt at creating my first pixel character, just a random man, who I think looks a bit like a builder size used was 32×32

Designing the website

so at the moment I’m in the progress of designing a company website for another team I am in, so far I have two designs