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working out mobile games

so I have been writing out more mind maps about games being developed on android or iphone i have been figuring out some stuff and looking at how the games manage to gain so much profit from the public sorry the picture is not very clear Advertisements

Working On The Scene

so I have changed the texture of the plane, still needs more work on it at the moment but I think t is now starting to come along, i’ve decided to change it from grass to an actual scene

Basic Textures On Planes

so at the moment just testing out some cartoon textures on the plane these are basic at the moment

Working With Planes

I’m now working with planes in 3DS max, testing out different shapes and will be creating different textures 

Learning about Sprites

So with the new release of ue4 2D paper, I want to be able to work and understand sprites so I will be able to use these, so I created a basic character to use as a test, I will be using this in ue4 as soon as I am able to use paper 2D

unusual drawing

so I started using random brush strokes and and I ended up creating this unusual piece, for some reason I really like this piece even though it has nothing to do with textures

Update on the shop

so here is the image of the model and a basic brick texture on the front, still needs alot more work on it