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Creating the crate part 3 model

here is the model with the texture applied to it which also shows progression Advertisements

Creating the crate part 2 Uvs

so here are the step by stages i went through to creating the box,in the following photos i have posted the uvs to show to progression of the work

Creating the crate part 1

I decided to practice some more realistic texture designs, i created this box and then used 2 images from cgTextures,. I used these as a starting point i will post the original photos below

Some more designs

Another set of designs for the protagonist

More Chracter Designs

Here are some more character Designs for my protagonist

How My Design Started

Here is how my character started off, still need to create some more designs for it

Character Design

So firstly id like to say i’m sorry for not posting anything in the last few weeks ive been incredibly focused on my university work, here is one of the character designs im currently working on, at the moment i am trying out different designs to find the correct style for my protagonist