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Website Research

so as I am intending to create my own website I have been looking at other creative websites.I have been taking notes on how the page is visualized and what stands out the most. here I have some links to the websites that have inspired me.

Link to 95 Inspiring websites http://www.awwwards.com/95-inspiring-websites-of-web-design-agencies.html

Poco People


I like how this website has a very simple yet interesting design, the image is very strong in the centre of the website showing that the business is about them. The images take up the whole page which some people may not like but I personally like the design. The information about Travis and Kelly is very clear the text mentions their history, skills, and knowledge.




The colour scheme for this webpage catches my eyes, The layout of the website is nicely spaced out and text can be understood in a clear manor. The cartoon style buildings show what style of apps Pulpfingers create. The creators of the website done a fantastic job.




LegWorkStudio website have a plain colour scheme which seems to work well with there illustrations. There images are largely shown so every detail is visible.  They used a highlighted bar which shows what has been clicked which can be helpful. There is less text on this website then I have seen on others which can be considered good and bad.



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