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Good Texture Example

So this a good texture example of a red barrel, In the texture they have added in numerous layers of overlays on Photoshop giving the texture multiply details. The bump map really brings out the small dots and fine detail of the texture giving it the appearance that there are marks/scratches on the object

Link to website http://3d-pictures.picphotos.net/res-3d-model-rusty-barrel-pallet-high-resolution-textures-barrel/creativecrash.com*system*photos*000*189*595*189595*big*rusty_barrel_preview_scanline_01.jpgeb8fcc34-d10a-4113-9fe7-8cfb79a5e1daLarger.jpgquestionmark1328913034/


N/A. (N/A). res 3d model rusty barrel pallet high resolution textures barrel. Available: http://3d-pictures.picphotos.net/res-3d-model-rusty-barrel-pallet-high-resolution-textures-barrel/creativecrash.com*system*photos*000*189*595*189595*big*rusty_barrel_preview_scanline_01.jpgeb8fcc34-d1. Last accessed 08/03/2015.


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