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Personal Branding

So a few days I had a lecture about personal branding, The lecture was all about getting your name out into the industry and becoming recognizable, one of the tasks that was giving to the class was to break down company logos and research what the logo is saying, one of the examples we had was jaguar, how it was is a positive position,moving forward,speed etc.

A while ago before the module I created my own logo to put on the artwork I have created, but now as i have had this lecture which shows the research behind the logo and what the logo stands for, I will go back to the drawing board to re think my personal brand



Here are some notes I wrote down during the time of the lecture.

  • What is the selling point of my logo
  • best skills and weakness
  • make the logo represent you

We also discussed some of the important points that can help me out

  • Placements can really boost up your C.V and chances of gaining a job in the industry
  • volunteer work will always help
  • Freelance work will boost your portfolio
  • organize exhibitions to show off work
  • enter competitions, this allows you to meet new people and gain connections
  • competing university projects, gaining new knowledge

We also talked about the quality’s that i must have to gain a job in the industy

  • Enthusiastic and self motivated
  • confident
  • flexible
  • passion for gaming
  • willing to learn

I personally believe that i have these qualities I know that I will have to keep working as hard as I can to get into the gaming industry, I plan to keep up my motivation by working every single day.


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