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Speed Plus

A while ago I applied for the 6 month business start up which is also known as speed plus, I applied for this program to gain knowledge of how the game industry works as a business. I applied for this as  believe it would be  good experience for me. As I am working in a team i had to send of my application along with my team who are, Benjamin Ford, Matthew Williams and Alex Wood, here is the application I sent off. (I have removed the personal details due to security reasons)






Contact Address

House No.





Contact Details

Other Details

Mobile No.

Date of birth


Email address



University Details

Please confirm whether you are a Student   o  or Graduate   o   year of graduation


University of  Wolverhampton

Year of Study


Course Title

Computer Games Design

Student No.

How did you hear about SPEED Plus?


Website                        □         Email                              □ Word of mouth              □         Member of staff             □ Internet search             □         Banner/poster                □ Other (please



Please provide a summary of your business idea/product or service (500 characters maximum)

My Business idea is to work within a team to develop and create video games, whether this is for a mobile device, computer or console, we will be focusing on getting our video games onto the marketplace to help our game company grow.

I have researched into what are needed to create games such as software and working with the right team. Each of the team members will have certain roles. Within the team there are 9 members all of these members are highly skilled in an area that they have been studying with. With the correct team we will be able to create a Game company which will have the skill to create a very professional game.  As a highly skilled game company we will be able to create games, but what we need is the help from speed plus to help get our business idea started.

I confirm that I have not yet started to trade (please tick)                                                                            □

I confirm I am prepared to register my business whilst on the SPEED Plus programme (please tick)        □

What is your motivation for applying to the SPEED Plus programme?

I am a very highly driven person I am very passionate about the work I do. I work every day on my projects that I have been given throughout each of the projects, I love what I do this is why I want to take it further into a professional career.  I believe that speed plus will be able to help me learn the business side of the industry. I will be very prepared to learn this as I see this is a big opportunity for me.

The SPEED plus programme will give me an advantage within the industry as I will be learning the business side this will give me a better understanding of the industry.

What do you think the main challenges will be if you are accepted onto the SPEED Plus programme?

I believe the main challenges will be the business as this will be something new to me, Learning the process of how to be able to run a business will be a big challenge.

I like a challenge so I will be looking forward to facing these in the following months.

My expectations are that by applying for this program I will be able to understand how to setup and run a business. I want to be able to gain the knowledge that will help start up our own game company and to be able to run this is a successful manor.

What are your expectations of the SPEED Plus programme in terms of support, time and benefits to you?


The information that you provide on this application form will be available to: University Project and Finance staff involved in the management of SPEED Plus; the regional agency, Department for Communities and Local Government and its auditors, and auditors appointed by the European Commission.

You agree that your personal information may be used for evaluation purposes and to participate in any evaluation exercise carried out by the Funding Agency or an external consultant.

We may take pictures/videos of you and your company as well as quotes or case studies about your experience on the SPEED Plus programme.  I give my consent for SPEED Plus to use these (please tick).

Please tick here to confirm that you have read and understood the above conditions. This is a fundamental requirement for any person wishing to participate in the SPEED

Plus programme.


The SPEED Plus project attempts to provide equality of opportunity throughout its selection process.  In addition we are required to provide statistical information about our beneficiaries to the Funding Body, the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) or their agent the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG). In order to comply with this requirement and to be able to monitor the effectiveness of our diversity policies we ask you

to complete the following information. The information you provide here will be treated in total confidence and will have no effect on your application.  Thank you for your co- operation.

Gender:                 □ Male                                              □ Female


□  White British                                                □  White Irish

□  Other White Background                             □  Black or Black British Caribbean

□  Black or Black British African                      □  Other Black Background

□  Asian or Asian British – Indian                    □  Asian or Asian British – Pakistani

□  Asian or Asian British – Bangladeshi          □  Chinese

□  Other Asian Background                             □  Mixed White/Black Caribbean

□  Mixed White/Black African                          □  Mixed White/Asian

□  Other Mixed Background                            □  Other Ethnic Background


Do you have a disability that may result in you requiring extra support whilst on the programme? If so, please indicate the type of disability that you have.


No known disability


Blind/partially sighted

03 Deaf/hearing impairment 04 Wheelchair use/mobility impaired
05 Personal care support 06 Mental health difficulties
07 An unseen disability i.e. asthma 08 Multiple disabilities
10 Autistic spectrum disorder 11 Specific learning disability
96 Not listed above 97 Information refused

Please add any additional information that you feel may be relevant:

Signed                                                                Date


Marie Lilly, PA104, University of Wolverhampton Science Park

Enterprise Department, Technology Centre

Glaisher Drive, Wolverhampton, WV10 9RU

After sending out the letter in around 2 weeks we received an invite asking for us to attended an interview to discuss our idea to the judges on the panel, this would determine whether we would gain a placement on speed plus. Here is what the email said


Dear Benjamin, Mathew, Paul & Alex

The SPEED Team wish to invite you to our Selection Panel interview for the SPEED Plus Project, commencing April 2015.  All of our selection panels will take place at The Molineux, Billy Wright Stand, Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club, Waterloo Road, Wolverhampton, WV1 4QR.  Please report to reception on arrival and you will be directed to the appropriate room.  If you are travelling by car please request a parking voucher from the main reception and place in your vehicle.  I have attached a directional map for your convenience.

Please see below for full details:-

Venue:                Billy Wright Stand, The Molineux, Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club

Date:                    Thursday 12 March 2015

Time:                   10:00 am (To ensure that we keep to our schedule please arrive at least 10 minutes before your allotted time slot)

You will be asked to make a presentation at the time specified above about your business idea for a maximum of a 5 minute duration.  This could be formal or informal and may take the form of a storyboard, or a simple verbal presentation.  If you have an example of your product or service that is practical to bring along then we would love to see it.  Your 5 minute presentation will then be followed by a 10 minute question and answer session.

Due to the limited time available we would discourage PowerPoint presentations.  However if you feel you have to use PowerPoint then please email this to me no later than 3 days before your allotted selection panel interview.

No PowerPoint presentations will be accepted on the day if not previously sent to me.



So as this interview was very important to us we began to practice what each of us would talk about and how we plan to make profit out of our game idea, We began meeting up regularly to make sure we knew what we was going to talkabout during the time of the interview.

For the interview I decided to dress up smart as I believe it would make a better impression to the judges panel as i think they would look at us as professionals, We sat down discussing the roles we did and showed the panel pieces of our work and shared our ideas, the panel responded with many questions which was more aimed towards the businesses side of our company. The questions was answered to the best of our ability, where I believe the team really pulled together to answer all of them within a short amount of time.

After around a week of waiting we received an email saying we have been successful in getting onto the speed plus program, which was great news to hear. Here is the email


Dear SPEED Plus Participant,
> Following on from your presentation at our selection panel we are pleased to be able to offer you a place on the SPEED Plus project commencing April 2015. The full details of your offer will be sent to you in due course.
> The SPEED Plus induction will take place on the morning of Wednesday, 01st April 2015 from 9.30am – 1.30pm. The venue will be The Molineux, Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club, Waterloo Road, Wolverhampton, WV1 4QR and the room will be the International Suite.
> Attached in this email is a Pre-Start Business Development Plan. The purpose of this document is to assist SPEED Plus participants with their business development prior to and during their participation on the SPEED Plus project. You are required to complete this document prior to your induction and then to return it to me via email or by post to the address below. Please note it is essential that this is completed as thoroughly as possible in order for you to maximise your time with your business consultant and whilst you are on the SPEED Plus project.
> I look forward to your response and if you have any questions then do not hesitate to contact me.
> Congratulations, the SPEED Plus team look forward to working with you.


So today was the actual start of speed plus, today we had an induction where we was being told what we would be doing over the following months, we also received a booklet showing the events we would have to attend which is great to have. We had a talk about the basics of starting up your own company. We was taught he differences between a sole trader company and a limited company, profit and loss accounts, tax etc. The first talk went really well an I am looking forward to the next talk we have.


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