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Creating a C.V

A while ago we had a talk about how to create a professional c.v and a creative c.v and what are the differences between both of them. I learned alot from the lecture  which i will be able to put into good use when creating my c.v’s.

Creative C.V

In my creative C.V I will talk about a role in the games industry I want to achieve, I will place images of work on them along with a link to my portfolio, I will talk about all of the skills I have learned over the last few years.

Professional C.V

I will be writing about how I will be a valuable member of any team, show that I can work well, I will be writing about what skills I can bring towards the job,


During the lecture I had taken notes here is what I wrote

Cv creating

Personal details

Career aim/profile








Creative cvs



Images/use of colour

Specific skills

Screen shots

Length of cv 1 or 2 side of A4

Name is heading

Include addreas email telephone number

Include link to online portfolio/website

Add social media links

Professional emails only

Your profile/career aim

Include – main selling points for the role you want to go in to, career aim


2012-2013            University of wolvhamton

Bullet points

Start with a veb  eg, completed achieved, organised, created, negotiated

Presentation and structure

Length – usually 2 sides of a4

Font type and size 11 Arial, Helvetica

Easy to read

Limit vertical starting points

Avoid large blocks of texts

Important information s t top of cv

Check spelling

Good quality paper

Consider the sector or business image

Should match any other promotional materials



Listing experiences in chronological order

Easiest format begins with

Skills based

Groups specific skills what i have learned


Use the words of the profession

Avoid using negative language only, just , had to, was required,

Avoid starting points with I, – I did, i was

Be careful with tenses e.g organising or organised

Avoid and causal language or slang


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