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First C.V Draft

I have recently been working on a professional c.v, here is the first draft of it,I still need to include my grades within the c.v.

i have removed some parts due to personal information


I am a highly motivated Graduate from the University Of Wolverhampton where I studied Computer Games Design for 3 years.  During my time on the course I was given the opportunity to be able to work within teams and independently while working on different projects. Each project was vastly different where I gained different knowledge and skills such as, project handling, Team Work based roles and meeting deadlines.  While studying through college and university I have also been improving my written work when I found out I was dyslexic, my writings skills have now vastly improved which is a very proud accomplishment for me.


WillingsWorth High School

Dudley College

University of Wolverhampton

Work Experience

Caretaker work experience

During my two weeks of work experience at school I was given the role of becoming the school caretaker, this role involved time keeping, organisation, communication and general maintenance, during my time as a caretaker my main role was to repair broken items that peoples requested, My proudest achievement was gaining trust from the lead caretaker to be able to repair items on my own.

Customer services at GAP

During my time working at GAP I was given different roles and responsibilities such as organising the shop making it look professional and tidy, an important part of the job was customer service where I would be helping out individual customers find the clothes that they would require.  One of my proudest moments for my during my time at GAP was looking after the shop floor, customers and keeping the shop tidy on the same day due to other members of staff being taken ill, Due to this I am able to work under pressure.

Hobbies and Interests

During my spare time I like to work in Adobe Photoshop creating textures and 2d pieces, another main hobby of my is creating videogames.



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