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10 Year plan

I have started writing out my ten year plan for myself and what to expect from being in the game industry, so far I have wrote out my plan for this year and next year, but I will continue to write this later today, As i’m unsure what the future will hold for me I will write out a plan showing my exceptions of where I hope to be at career wise during the time of each year.


As I will be starting up a company with the help of speed plus my aims for this year are to learn the skills that will be helping me with the business side of the gaming industry. I will be hoping to grow our company name by posting updates on our daily social sites such as Facebook and twitter. I am hoping that the company will be able to publish our first game on the mobile marketplace such as android and iOS stores. A personal goal for me this year will be creating 2d assets and putting these on the unreal engine marketplace where people can purchase my work to be used I their own games.


I want to be able to expand our company to be able to create games that can be published on different platforms such as pc, steam greenlight I believe this will give us an opportunity to target more serious gamers. I would like their to be 2 games created by this time and have more 2d/3d assists that have been included on the unreal engine marketplace, income wise I would expect a small profit due to the amount of hard work and dedication.


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