3DS Max & UDK

FFD box and Smooth

Using to videos I was able to create my shapes using both of these tutorials and they have both turned out very successful, but more importantly to me I have learned new tools and techniques for 3ds Max that will help me create more realistic designs, using the modify FFD box and the smooth tool […]

creating my door

Today from Jon Miles I learned how to use the swift loop tool to be able to create my door without putting objects on objects. By following Jon’s instructions I was able to successfully create my door using 3ds max and the resizing it in UDK. I was also taught how to extrude objects and […]

creating a ladder

As I wanted my character to be able to climb up ladders on my level I found this tutorial which shows how easy it is to create the movement of a character climbing up a ladder to do this I had to create a builder brush that was slightly larger than my created ladder object, […]

Creating the flashlight

I want my level to have a creepy feel to it and as little light as possible so I began looking for tutorials about adding a light to my character that would act as a torch/flashlight. This tutorial showed me how to accomplish that goal of mine. The torch works successfully when the player moves […]


While I was looking for tutorials on building a terrain I came across a YouTube channel called The New Boston, on his page he has many tutorials on both UDK and 3DS Max .I found these tutorials to be very easy and helpful to me, he teaches you about what the tools are used for […]


In my lecture today with Brian I learnt how to create an environment background using UDK, Brian showed us how to create this step by step, I found it easier to learn from this method as I could keep up to speed with the rest of the class, At the moment I am unsure about […]